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Pull Cord Switch

Pull Cord Switch.jpg

Conveyor Belt Emergency-stop Switch
Reset system
: Self-reset
: Manual-reset
Required force of pull cord 49±9.8N(5 ± 1kgf)

Pull Cord Switch is an emergency stop switch to stop the belt conveyor instantly when an accident happens. Since the Pull Cord Switch is so designed that it should be installed at the side of the belt conveyor and the pull cord should be mounted along the conveyor, the switch can be actuated at any position. According to the Industrial Safety & Health Regulations, it has been assigned to install the Pull Cord Switch to the belt conveyor in Japan.

Wire-rope type Emergency Stop Switch PULLSTOP.jpg

Wire-rope type Emergency Stop Switch "PULLSTOP"

For Emergency-stop
Reset Type Manual-reset
Operating torque 98N(with tension spring)

"PULLSTOP" is the switch to stop the long transportation line such as conveying by pulling the wire rope. It can also detect loosening and breakage of the wire rope.
The Detector has the emergency stop push button as standard and can easily stop the mechanical equipment without pulling the wire rope.
"PULLSTOP" complies with European Norm, ISO Standards, and JIS Safety standards.

Nippon Conveyor Vietnam provides original Pull Cord Switch and other Belt Conveyor Protection Equipment from top supplier MATSUSHIMA which are designed for all applications and industries.

We will calculate and help you choose the most suitable equipment for your system.


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