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We provide high-quality products from top suppliers in Japan 

Nippon Conveyor Standard Idlers

Nippon Conveyor Idlers.jpg

 1. Accurate Pipe:

 Balanced Rotation for High-Speed Operation Idler rollers are made of best-suited materials with state-of roundness and concentricity to ensure well-balanced rotation. Out-of-rotational balance in our idler rollers is as in Table 1 below

Idler Table 2.jpg

2. Accurate Shaft:

Cold Finished Steel Bars are employed for shaft material-al. Less gap tolerance than JIS stipulation gives no slippage between bearings and shafts under high-speed and heavy loaded conditions. 

3. Low Friction Resistance and Energy-Saving:

The frictional resistance factor of our idler roller itself to rotate (f) stays less than 0.01 though it varies with the roller dia. and bearing bore. However, employ (f)=0.012 to 0.02 to compute overall friction resistance for calculation of conveyor drive horsepower in view of other operating conditions involved. 

4.Permanent Lubrication by ZZ Shield Bearing:

 NC idler rollers are of factory-greased, sealed-for-life type, fitted with precision deep-groove ball bearings (with ZZ shields) at both ends. No extra-lubrication is required.

5. Greased at Factory:

Ball bearings and seals are factory-greased with either of the following (Table 2):

Idler Table 2.jpg
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