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We provide high-quality products from top suppliers in Japan 

Belt Cleaner

NVC-E inner surface cleaner.jpg

(NODATEC) NVC-E inner surface belt cleaner

A cleaner that removes the transported material that has entered the inner surface of the belt.
Hard wear-resistant rubber is used for the cleaning part, but there is also a specification that uses an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate.

NVC-1200D Belt Cleaner.jpg
NVC-H2 belt cleaner.jpg
NVC-Z2 belt cleaner.jpg

(NODATEC) Chip type belt cleaner

A belt cleaner that uses cleaner chips for scraping.
It is characterized by excellent scraping effect, and is a cleaner with excellent maintainability and low running cost. We have a full lineup of cleaner tips, including normal carbide tips, resin tips, corrosion-resistant carbide tips that are highly resistant to corrosion, and black ceramic tips that can handle hard objects. Depending on the mounting position, there are head type/intermediate type, pressurization method is bolt type/automatic type/weight type, and you can choose the cleaner that suits your application.

NODATEC Urethane belt cleaner.jpg

(NODATEC) Urethane belt cleaner

A belt cleaner that uses urethane for the scraping blade.
It is a belt-friendly and highly safe cleaner.
Five types are available: standard type, high grade type, heat resistant type, soft type, and cemented carbide embedded type.
The standard specification is a one-side automatic adjustment type that can greatly reduce maintenance work.

BELLE BANNE P-Type Belt Cleaner.jpg

(Nippontsusho) BELLE BANNE P-Type Belt Cleaner

The BELLE BANNE P-Type is a simplified basic model for exclusive use with forward rotation conveyors.

BELLE BANNE H-Type Belt Cleaner.jpg

(Nippontsusho) BELLE BANNE H-Type Belt Cleaner

Easy to install and forward and reverse rotation compatible, The BELLE BANNE H-Type is the ideal cleaner for head-type conveyors in whitch total safety is the overriding consideration.

BELLE BANNE E-Type Belt Cleaner.jpg

(Nippontsusho) BELLE BANNE E-Type Belt Cleaner

Uses the elasticity of rubber for outstanding constant tension to the belt! BELLE BANNE E-Type

Depending on what a conveyor carries, belts can wear unevenly and can suffer surface damage. The BELLE BANNE E-Type is a belt cleaner that you can count on to clean your conveyor belts safely, no matter what kind of belt you’re using.

BELLE BANNE U-TYPE Belt Cleaner_edited.jpg

(Nippontsusho) BELLE BANNE U-TYPE Belt Cleaner

The Belle Banne U Type is “Unique” in its shape. The “U” shaped blade maintains maximum pressure in the center of the belt where the majority of the material builds up.

The BELLE BANNE U-Type features a single-blade with an arrow shaped blade that is designed to remove adhesive materials effectively.

BELLE BANNE P-Type Belt Cleaner.jpg

(Nippontsusho) BELLE BANNE R-Type Belt Cleaner

The BELLE BANNE R-Type can be used with forward and reverse rotation conveyors.

Nippon Conveyor Vietnam provides original belt cleaners from the best suppliers in Japan such as NODATEC, Nippontsusho which are well designed for all applications and industries.

We will calculate and help you choose the most suitable belt cleaners for your system.


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