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Plummer Block

TOHO Plummer Block SV type.jpg

(TOHO) Plummer Block SV type

Lubricant: Grease
Dedicated seal: rubber seal

The SV type (standard type, different diameter type) has an integrated plummer block body, and is a type with higher accuracy than the split type. Install a cylindrical bore bearing with a nut and washer inside.

TOHO Plummer Block SD type.jpg

(TOHO) Plummer Block SD type

Lubricants: grease or lubricating oil
Specialized seal: double rubber seal or labyrinth seal

The SD type (standard type, large diameter type, different diameter type) is a press block specifically for heavy loads and is equipped with a large internal spherical roller bearing. There are four boltholes. The type corresponding to the labyrinth seal is suitable for high speed rotation due to its sealing performance.

TOHO Plummer Block.jpg

TOHO Plummer Block SN・SN-F Type

Lubricant: Grease Dedicated

Seal: rubber seal

The SN type (standard type) is a general type specified by JIS, ISO, and DIN, and is the most widely used type both in Japan and overseas. The SNZ type (different diameter type) is a type with a different diameter on one side. The SN-F type (flat bottom type) is a type that has a flat bottom surface without mounting bolt holes in order to increase the strength of the Plummer block.

NTN Plummer block.jpg

NTN Plummer Block

An assembly consisting of a spherical roller bearings or self-aligning ball bearing and a bearing housing with a sealing device. The bearing housing is generally made of cast iron, but can also be spheroidal graphite cast iron (Ductile cast iron) or cast steel depending on the application. A felt seal, rubber seal, or labyrinth seal is used as a sealing device.

Nippon Conveyor Vietnam provides original motors from the best suppliers in Japan such as TOHO, NTN which are designed for all applications and industries.

We will calculate and help you choose the most suitable plummer block for your system.


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