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We provide high-quality products from top suppliers in Japan 

Conveyor Belt

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(BANDO) Sun Conveyor BeltAbundant range of conveyor belts with plain woven, multi-layer canvas


  • Available in a variety of specifications and sizes to suit customer needs

  • The nylon canvas is standard, and the belt has excellent resistance to impact and bending

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(BANDO) Steel Conveyor Belt: Suitable for high-tension, long-distance conveyors.

Features: Excellent impact resistance (impact-resistant conveyor belt), wide conveyor can be designed, less take-up stroke due to less elongation, long life due to less bending fatigue.

(BANDO) Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts: Suitable for use when the ambient temperature or the temperature of the materials being transported is 60°C or above

Features: An abundant range of products are available, depending on the temperature and the materials being conveyed, with heat resistances ranging from 100 - 200°C
Application: Sintered or pelleted ore in steel factories, dry materials or clinker cement in cement factories, etc.
Note: Use flame-resistant belts if any oils other than vegetable oils are in or adhering to the materials being transported.

(BANDO) V-shaped profile structure for medium incline conveyance 


  • The vulcanized crosspieces do not separate

  • Little noise from vibration due to the crosspiece angular pitch design

  • Medium-incline conveyance (up to 27°)

Applications: Gravel, sand, etc. Items bagged or packaged in bulk

Pipe Conveyor Belts - BANDO: Environmentally friendly enclosed transport


  • Sealed transport prevents load spillage and dust generation

  • Can be used on curves and steep inclines

  • Available in standard, and heat, flame, and oil-resistant specifications

Applications: Conveyance of coal, coke, fertilizers, various powders and pellets used as raw materials, etc.

Excellent wear resistance in the cover rubber


  • Excellent abrasion resistance (loss from abrasion 90mm3 or less)

  • Tensile strength is 14Mpa or more, elongation is 400% or more, hardness is to 60±5 ° JIS


Ultra wear-resistant cover rubber is used on the following Bando belts.

  • Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

  • MONOPLY™ Belts

  • Sun Conveyor Belts

(Yoshino Rubber) Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt


The most suitable conveyor belt for the prevention of fire under coal mining, enlargement of disasters by spreading of fire during conveyance of combustibles, and for the place incombustibility is required for workers' protection.

Flame-resistant performance shall meet JIS K6324

Non-adhesive conveyor belt: A conveyor belt that aimed the reduction the material carried into the belt

Application: The belt can be recommended for conveying such as coal, iron ore and wet material carried.

Characteristic: The cover rubber of this belt has water repellency. Therefore, this conveyor belt can reduce the sticky material from the surface of the belt.

Shock Guard "Impact resistant conveyor belt" - Yoshino Rubber

Application: Suitable for the conveyance of large lumps and material carried with high specific gravity. Especially material carried in severe conditions like under a crusher. This belt is mainly used at Quarries, Mines, and so on.

Characteristic: For the carcass special woven polyester fabric is employed and for cover rubber especially high tensile and tear strength rubber is employed

Properties: This belt performs high impact force, abrasion, and chipping resistance.

Abrasion / Super abrasion resistant conveyor belt - Yoshino Rubber: Conveyor belt manufactured with cover rubber excellent for abrasion resistance.
In general, this abrasion-resistant belt is widely utilized for any type of material carried from light to heavy-duty ones.

The cover rubber grade is determined by loss of rubber in accordance with JIS K 6322

Conveyor belt with cleats - Yoshino Rubber
This belt will be employed to convey the bag, boxes lumpy material carried on steep inclined conveyor.
Especially cleats are adhered to by hot vulcanizing so that separation will be free.
All kinds of cross cleats are possible such as YA/YB types with side cleats, YC type of Climber, and YS type with cleats toward the center are available.

Special shape Chevron belt - Yoshino Rubber

Application: Special shape chevron conveyor belt makes it possible to convey bags, boxes, and powdery and bulky materials carried on a steep slope conveyor.

Bucket conveyor belt - Yoshino Rubber

Application: Buckets are equipped with the belt so that it can be possible to convey bulky and Powderly material carried such as sand, and small-size stones.

Nippon Conveyor Vietnam provides original conveyor belts from the best suppliers in Japan such as BANDO, YOSHINO RUBBER, and YOKOHAMA RUBBER... which are designed for all applications and industries.

We will calculate and help you choose the most suitable belt for your system.

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