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Deep Groove Ball Bearing is the most common bearing and is widely used in various fields. The bearings include sealed and shielded bearings with internal grease encapsulation for ease of use.


In addition, there are various types of bearings, such as bearings with retaining rings that take into consideration the positioning of the outer ring, expansion compensation bearings that absorb dimensional changes in the bearing fitting surface due to housing temperature, and TAB bearings that are resistant to dust in lubricating oil.

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Self-Aligning Ball BearingsThe center of curvature of the spherical outer ring raceway matches the bearing center, which maintains rotation even when the inner ring, balls, and cage are tilted with respect to the outer ring to some extent.
Accordingly, they are suitable for applications that involve misalignment between the axis and housing centers, axis deflection, etc.
Using an adapter facilitates the mounting of a tapered bore bearing on the axis.

Special Environment Ball Bearings: Bearings for use in special environments such as clean, vacuum, high-temperature, and corrosive environments, are required to have special properties, such as non-magnetic, insulating, and high-speed.
For this reason, regular bearings made from bearing steel and lubricant such as oil and grease cannot be used.
JTEKT's special environment EXSEV (short for EXtreme Special EnVironment) series meets these requirements.
Stainless is the standard bearing material, however, we offer an abundant variety of bearings to suit any given application.
Bearing varieties include corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ceramic, high-speed tool steel, as well as bearings that use solid lubricants such as high-molecular fluorine and molybdenum disulfide coatings, resin or soft metal.

Angular contact ball bearings: Due to having contact angles, the angular contact ball bearing is suitable for applications demanding high accuracy and high rotational speed and is capable of withstanding combined radial and axial loads.

Four-point Contact Ball Bearings: These are angular contact ball bearings with the inner ring divided into two. When the outer ring and inner ring are pushed in the radial direction, the balls make contact with the inner ring and outer ring at four points. One bearing is able to bear an axial load from both directions and can be used in a two-point contact state under a general pure axial load or under a composite load with large axial load.

Nippon Conveyor Vietnam provides original bearings from the best suppliers in Japan such as KOYO, NTN... which are designed for the best quality.

We will calculate and help you choose the most suitable bearing for your system.

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