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Coupling (Shaft Coupling )

Coupling (shaft coupling) is a mechanical element used to connect a drive shaft and a driven shaft to transmit the motor's power to a device.

Couplings also play various roles in the connection between the drive and driven shafts, such as absorbing shaft misalignment (mounting error), softening motor vibration, suppressing heat transfer from the motor to the equipment, and preventing motor or equipment failure by damaging the coupling in the event of some problem.

What is a coupling (shaft coupling)?

It is a part for connecting the shaft (driving unit side) and the shaft (driven unit side).

Coupling is used to connect the drive shaft (e.g. motor) to the driven machine such as a pump opposed. It is also called a shaft coupling.

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Nippon Conveyor Vietnam provides original couplings from Tsubaki which are designed for all applications and industries.

We will calculate and help you choose the most suitable Coupling for your system.

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