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feeder type hopper sinfo-t_edited.jpg

(SINFONIA) Feeder-type Hopper

By attaching a feeder to a hopper, parts delivery is extremely smoothly accomplished and running noise is kept extremely low.


*1 Hoppers come in stainless steel only.
*2 Vibration frequency: 50~70Hz; rated voltage: 200/220V; compatible controller: C10-1VFEF. (No standard model with 100/110V specifications.)
*3 Paint finish: Munsell N7.5
*4 For 15- and 30-liter hoppers, hopper heights come in 5 levels at 50mm intervals: for 60- and 100-liter hoppers, hopper heights come in 8 levels at 50mm intervals.
*5 Heavy-duty 60- and 100-liter hoppers (permissible total work weight 112kg) are available as non-standard models.
* Manufactured to order.

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