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Chute Switch

Chute Switch.jpg

For Plugged Chute Lateral Pressure Detection
Detecting method type
: 14.7 to 24.5N (1.5kg to 2.5kg)
: (At swing plate tip)

Chute Switch is used in order to stop a belt conveyor instantly when a transported load clogs a junction chute of the conveyor. This switch is so constructed that it should be mounted on the side wall of junction chute by use of a square hole cut out in the wall. When the load clogs the junction chute and then the swing plate of the Chute Switch is pushed back with the pressure of accumulated load, the Chute Switch sends out an emergency stopping signal.

Nippon Conveyor Vietnam provides original Chute Switch and other Belt Conveyor Protection Equipment from top supplier MATSUSHIMA which are designed for all applications and industries.

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