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Nippon Conveyor Vietnam Co., Ltd

Established since 25th March 2008 as a Representative Office and then become a subsidiary with 100% capital fund of Nippon Conveyor Co., Ltd, Japan. We specialize in Designing Long Distance Conveyors with Japan quality and Vietnam price. Born with the mission of serving clients in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the best quality products and services, offering the most useful solutions, Nippon Conveyor Vietnam (NCVN) has chosen for itself the development path with the goal of top quality and prestige.

Our History

May 1949

February 1953

October 1961

July 1962

February 1965

March 1982

August 1984

October 1988

August 1989

January 1990

March 1995

March 2001

November 2004

March 2007

March 2010

Until Now

Nippon Conveyor Co., Ltd is established

Open branch in Tokyo

List up Share on Stock Market level 2 in Osaka

List up Share on Stock Market level 2 in Tokyo

Move Headquarter and Factory to Daito-shi

List up Share on Stock Market level 1 in Tokyo and Osaka.

Open new factory in Himeji and closed factory in Okayama

Received Certificate of Construction Ministry for Automatic Multi-level Parking.

Complete Automatic Unloading Warehouse

Open new branch in Osaka

Open Factory in Sohma

Increase the chartered capital up to ¥2,592,066,000

Open Representative Office in Hanoi

Increase the chartered capital up to ¥3,851,032,000

Establish Nippon Conveyor Vietnam Co., Ltd

NCVN has been designing and implementing many projects not only in Viet Nam but also all over the world

Highly-Experienced Engineering

Hệ Thống băng tải cao su tại dự án thủy điện Sơn La.jpg

Nippon Conveyor Co., Ltd is a world’s leading company in producing, designing and supplying the Belt Conveyor System. Our Conveyors can meet many high technical requirement and international standard in many countries. We also supply many Belt Conveyors with large capacity and long transport distance that are used widely in many industries such as: Steel Mill, Land Reclamation, Power Plant (Hydropower and Coal-Fired Power), and Cement Plant

On 25th March 2010, Nippon Conveyor Vietnam Co., Ltd (NCVN) was established as a 100% foreign investment company. NCVN specializes in designing and manufacturing belt conveyors for the Vietnamese and Southeast Asia markets. With our deep experiences in production, research, and development, Nippon Conveyor Vietnam has supplied many high-quality Belt Conveyors that are trusted by our clients. Our products are manufactured with modern technology and are put under the ISO 9001 quality management system.

NCVN also expanded our activities in designing and constructing automatic multistory car parking garages - bringing many utilities and conveniences necessary for many urban areas in the future with Japan Standard. Our car-parking system designs have been applied in many regions of Japan and are reasonable solutions to the modern world's scarcity of space and the need for parking areas.

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